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The science-based methods to identify your baby’s gender during the first trimester of pregnancy

"As of today, there are only two science-based and non invasive methods to identify the gender of a baby during the first trimester of pregnancy "

Do you try and repeat the pendulum test, closely observe your new eating habits, belly shape and changes in your skin, or even look closely at the Mayan or Chinese calendar ? If the answer is yes, you are probably very exited to discover you baby’s gender and can’t wait to find out!
Good thing, you are not alone! According to the French longitudinal study since childhood (ELFE survey) conducted in 2011, 85% of parents would like to know the gender of their unborn child. In itself, this aspiration is not new as evidenced by the many recipes of grandmother and other beliefs described by Emmanuelle Berthiaud in her doctoral thesis on the experience and representation of pregnancy in the 18th and 19th centuries. Wishing to know the gender of the fetus reveals the need for future parents to project themselves and anticipate their relationship with their child.
As of today, there are only two science-based and non invasive methods to identify the gender of a baby during the first trimester of pregnancy..
The first method is the blood test. A blood test allows to know the gender of the baby from 7 weeks of pregnancy (9 weeks after menstruations) with a reliability of nearly 100% when the test is significant. If this technique is freely used in some countries (United States, Belgium, Switzerland…), it is however regulated in other countries (France, India, China….). Indeed, early gender tests could lead to selective abortions. For example in France, nearly 45% of parents declare that they have a gender preference for their future child and according to a survey carried out by the women's weekly ELLE, 18 % of the women questioned assure that they would ask for an abortion if the gender of their future baby did not suit them. The risk is much greater in India or China where female infanticide is a reality, justifying a strict ban of medical gender reveal before birth.
The second method is obstetric ultrasonography. It is the most commonly used method to find out the gender of an unborn baby. In general, doctors wait for week 13 of gestational age to reveal to parents the gender of their babies based on the nub theory as beyond 12 weeks of pregnancy, the analysis is more than 90% reliable and even reaches 99% at 14 weeks (see our article HERE and the scientific study from which these figures are taken just THERE). Apart from the nub theory that Works from 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards, there is no scientifically proven method to identify the gender of a fetus based on a baby scan. In particular, all the so-called other first trimester ultrasound reading methods that you might find on the internet are not proven by science, notably the Ramzi method and the Skull theory are totally non proven. Beware of scams!
Finally, any method that you could find on the internet (or that is recommended to you by your relatives) and which does not rely on a blood test or on obstetric ultrasonography is not scientifically proven (even though it can be a lot of fun!). This is the case of urine tests sold on the internet, calculators allowing to know the gender of the baby from the day of conception or your date of birth, all the beliefs of grandmothers on the symptoms felt during the pregnancy. It has even been shown that the mother's intuition does not work to determine fetal gender.
To conclude, if you do not have access to blood tests for gender determination, only the nub theory applied to an ultrasound after 14 weeks of pregnancy allows you to have an indication of the gender of your baby in the first trimester.
So what about BABYGRAM? Our company is the only one to follow a 100% scientific and innovative approach: your ultrasound is not only analyzed by an expert on the basis of the nub theory but also using a cutting-edge artificial intelligence software that compares your ultrasound to thousands of others for a result that is 85% reliable on average and up to 99%. Our artificial intelligence ultrasound analysis is currently the subject of a research article and will soon officially join other scientifically proven methods to know the gender of the baby in the first trimester!
If you are interested to know the gender of your baby as early as 9 weeks of pregnancy, just click HERE to send us your ultrasound, we will be happy to analyze it and give you the best possible answer based on science!




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