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Discover your baby’s gender from the start !

How do we predict your baby’s gender ?


BABYGRAM performs a double analysis of your ultrasound: first, our intelligent image analysis algorithm compares your ultrasound with more than 10,000 images for which we know the gender of the fetus and the term of pregnancy; and then, your ultrasound is analyzed by an expert based on the nub theory. Discover the detailed explanations below!

The nub theory

Our experts use the well-known nub theory can help identify the gender of your unborn child based on your first trimester ultrasound. The nub is your child's indeterminate sexual organ, which will transform into a penis or a clitoris during the second trimester of pregnancy. In practice, the nub theory consists of analyzing the angle between your child's nub and its spine during the ultrasound. You can see a girl and a boy example on the images below and read more explanations in our detailed article.

The nub theory applied to a girl nub
The nub theory applied to a boy nub

BABYGRAM uses the genital bud method to analyze your ultrasound when the conditions for this method to be accurate are met. This method has an average reliability greater than 90% for ultrasounds performed after 12 weeks of pregnancy (14 weeks after your period) and for fetuses whose cranio-caudal length is greater than 60mm, when the ultrasound image reveals the entire nub. However, the method is significantly less reliable if the ultrasound is performed before 12 weeks of pregnancy or if the nub is not clearly visible as we explain in our detailed article. For these reasons, BABYGRAM has developed an artificial intelligence algorithm to analyze the ultrasound of your baby which is used in addition to the nub theory.

Our artificial intelligence algorithm

BABYGRAM has developed a technology that compares your ultrasound to thousands of others with known term and gender. We currently have over 10,000 images in our database. This algorithm based on cutting edge artificial intelligence techniques ( machine learning), identifies the sex of your baby and calculates a probability indicating the reliability of its result. This algorithm has been tested on thousands of ultrasound images before going public and is 85% accurate in average from 9 weeks pregnant (11 weeks after your period), even if the nub is not visible! You just need to send a picture of the ultrasound of your baby HERE.

BABYGRAM has the only technology to reliably analyze your ultrasound before 12 weeks pregnant and after 12 weeks pregnant when the nub theory cannot be used on your images. Indeed, no other method for analyzing an ultrasound in the first trimester is scientifically proven - in particular the Ramzi theory and the Skull theory are not proven by science (see HERE for more information).

BABYGRAM follows 3 steps to deliver the most reliable gender prediction you can find online

BABYGRAM follows a scientific and transparent approach to analyze your images.


First of all, your ultrasound is analyzed by our intelligent image recognition software which gives a first result by comparing your ultrasound to thousands of others. We are the only ones to have this revolutionary tool based on the latest artificial intelligence techniques to read, compare and classify images.


Your ultrasound is also analyzed by a gender expert , based on the nub theory ; the expert does not know the result of the software.


The two results are then combined and a crossed probability of reliability is deduced from these analyzes.

In view of these elements, we reveal to you the probable gender of your baby only if the reliability is greater than 70%, which happens in more than 99% of the time and if this is not the case, we fully refund the cost of the analysis. With BABYGRAM you are sure to get a reliable result or a full refund !

BABYGRAM commitments

We know most of you can't wait to find out the gender of your child! If you want to know the gender of your baby now, simply upload your ultrasound images on the form available HERE, we will provide an answer within 24 hours !


We are particularly confident in the results that we send to you, our algorithm has demonstrated its reliability on more than 10,000 ultrasound images with a performance of 85% of verified results on average and this from 9 weeks of pregnancy! When the use of the genital bud method is possible, our reliability index can reach over 99%.


The DNA of BABYGRAM is to provide a scientific method to analyze your ultrasound, as presented in this article. This method is currently the subject of a research article which will be published in a scientific journal. By using BABYGRAM, you benefit from a revolutionary technology based on the latest artificial intelligence techniques.

If you want to know even more about BABYGRAM, you can check the frequently asked questions HERE . If you are particularly interested in the scientific research on the genital bud method, you can check out a detailed scientific bibliography in our article HERE. You can also discover our story and find out more about who we just HERE . You can read some testimonials we have received from our very first clients by looking THERE .



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