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Questions and Answers

Our ultrasound analysis is based on the scientific nub theory and on the latest findings in artificial intelligence applied to image recognition. We explain in detail our methodology right HERE. All the scientific literature that we used to develop our method is also detailed in the article. It should be noted that we do not use the Ramzi or Skull Shape method or any other method not scientifically demonstrated, see more information HERE.

Our methodology combining the scientific nub theory and the use of an artificial intelligence algorithm is 85% reliable on average from 9 weeks of pregnancy (i.e. from 11 weeks after the last menstruations). Based on the genital nub theory, the analysis can be made even more reliable: between 13 and 14 weeks after menstruations, the analysis is very reliable (more than 90% reliability) and the reliability even approaches 100% from 16 weeks after menstruations. To maximize reliability, your ultrasound should meet the required criteria (minimum 11SA, minimum 60mm LCC, full baby seen in profile). It is important to keep in mind that this analysis is not 100% sure and is not a medical advice, even if the analysis has solid scientific foundations which you can discover by clicking HERE.

You can send us ultrasounds done between 9 and 26 weeks of pregnancy (11 to 28 weeks after last menstruations).

Unfortunately, we are not able to guarantee a sufficiently reliability for multiple pregnancies, which is why we do not offer a test for this type of pregnancy.

You can send us your ultrasound even if the nub is not visible or fully visible. We will then use only our image recognition algorithm to analyze your ultrasound. The algorithm will compare your ultrasound with more than 10,000 images for which we know the gender of the baby and the term of pregnancy to identify similar images and suggest a result. We do not use the Ramzi method or the Skull method to analyze your images because these methods do not work according to science (see HERE for more information on which methods really work and see HERE to better understand our methodology).

Usually less than 24 hours after your order, you will receive an email with a personnalised link on which you can click in order to discover the gender of your baby. No information will be given in the subject line of the email and in the body of the email in order to allow you to discover the gender of your baby with your loved ones at the time you have chosen! This email will detail the method used to analyze your image and the percentage of reliability of the analysis sent.

Priority should be given to downloading side-view ultrasounds that allow to see the baby from head to toe. If you do not have a profile ultrasound image, unfortunately we will not be able to do the analysis and there is no need to send us your images.
If you can, upload as many images as possible to increase the reliability of the analysis (maximum 5). We recommend that you give preference to images sent by your online ultrasound center rather than photos. If you are sending photos, make sure they are clear and free of shadows.
If your images take too much time to download, you can compress your images by searching online.
If the format of your images is refused, you can convert the format of your files to JPG format online.

Unfortunately, we do not analyze ultrasound outside of validated orders. Indeed, insofar as your ultrasound is analyzed both by an expert and by our algorithm which compares your images to thousands of others, we cannot by looking at your ultrasound tell you if it is interpretable, it is only at the end of these two analyzes that a result is obtained.
Our method can analyze more than 99% of the ultrasounds received, so you can order with confidence. We indicate on the order page what types of images can be sent to maximize the reliability of your result.

Unfortunately, the ultrasound analysis is a personalized product, we cannot refund you if you change your mind after placing your order and making the payment. We do not accept refunds other than the special offer provided by the 100% verified or refunded guarantee which concerns orders placed between February 10 and April 10, 2020. If you have changed your mind and ultimately no longer want to know the result of our analysis, all you have to do is delete our email without opening it, nothing will be indicated in the title! The response time is generally less than 24 hours but for technical reasons or human constraints we may take a bit longer to analyze your ultrasound. In this case no refund will be granted because you will still receive a response. within a reasonable time (see general conditions of sale).

You cannot change the images sent or add more after confirming your order. If we believe that the images sent are not enough to make a reliable prediction, we will contact you by email.

No, we need images from one same ultrasound because our analysis depends on the date of the scan. Please send us your most recent scan between 11 and 28 weeks after the last menstruations to maximize the reliability of our answer.

No, we cannot (yet) process videos.

If you have not received an answer more than 36 hours after your order and have already checked your SPAM inbox (especially if you have a hotmail address), please contact us HERE.

You can reach us by clicking HERE. We will do everything to answer you as soon as possible!

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We are not a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.
See general conditions of sale and services.
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